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* Unconditional branch, 8-bit offset.
* The branch distance is a signed code-unit offset, which we need to
* double to get a byte offset.
/* goto +AA */
/* tuning: use sbfx for 6t2+ targets */
lsl w0, wINST, #16 // w0<- AAxx0000
asr wINST, w0, #24 // wINST<- ssssssAA (sign-extended)
mov x0, xSELF
sbfm x2, xINST, 0, 31
bl MterpProfileBranch // (self, shadow_frame, offset)
cbnz w0, MterpOnStackReplacement // Note: offset must be in wINST
ldr w7, [xSELF, #THREAD_FLAGS_OFFSET] // Preload flags for MterpCheckSuspendAndContinue
adds w1, wINST, wINST // Convert dalvik offset to byte offset, setting flags
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST_RB w1 // load wINST and advance xPC
// If backwards branch refresh rIBASE
b.mi MterpCheckSuspendAndContinue
GET_INST_OPCODE ip // extract opcode from wINST
GOTO_OPCODE ip // jump to next instruction