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* Generic two-operand compare-and-branch operation. Provide a "revcmp"
* fragment that specifies the *reverse* comparison to perform, e.g.
* for "if-le" you would use "gt".
* For: if-eq, if-ne, if-lt, if-ge, if-gt, if-le
/* if-cmp vA, vB, +CCCC */
lsr w1, wINST, #12 // w1<- B
ubfx w0, wINST, #8, #4 // w0<- A
GET_VREG w3, w1 // w3<- vB
GET_VREG w2, w0 // w2<- vA
FETCH_S w1, 1 // w1<- branch offset, in code units
mov w0, #2 // Offset if branch not taken
cmp w2, w3 // compare (vA, vB)
csel wINST, w1, w0, ${condition} // Branch if true, stashing result in callee save reg.
// TUINING: once measurements are complete, remove #if and hand-schedule.
mov x0, xSELF
sbfm x2, xINST, 0, 31 // Sign extend branch offset
bl MterpProfileBranch // (self, shadow_frame, offset)
cbnz w0, MterpOnStackReplacement // Note: offset must be in xINST
adds w2, wINST, wINST // convert to bytes, check sign
FETCH_ADVANCE_INST_RB w2 // update rPC, load wINST
b.mi MterpCheckSuspendAndContinue
GET_INST_OPCODE ip // extract opcode from wINST
GOTO_OPCODE ip // jump to next instruction