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# Copyright (C) 2015 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# The work does by this script is (mostly) undone by tools/
# Make sure to keep these files in sync.
# Setup as root, as some actions performed here require it.
adb root
adb wait-for-device
echo -e "${green}Date on host${nc}"
echo -e "${green}Date on device${nc}"
adb shell date
host_seconds_since_epoch=$(date -u +%s)
device_seconds_since_epoch=$(adb shell date -u +%s)
abs_time_difference_in_seconds=$(expr $host_seconds_since_epoch - $device_seconds_since_epoch)
if [ $abs_time_difference_in_seconds -lt 0 ]; then
abs_time_difference_in_seconds=$(expr 0 - $abs_time_difference_in_seconds)
# Kill logd first, so that when we set the adb buffer size later in this file,
# it is brought up again.
echo -e "${green}Killing logd, seen leaking on fugu/N${nc}"
adb shell pkill -9 -U logd logd && echo -e "${green}...logd killed${nc}"
# Update date on device if the difference with host is more than one hour.
if [ $abs_time_difference_in_seconds -gt $seconds_per_hour ]; then
echo -e "${green}Update date on device${nc}"
adb shell date -u @$host_seconds_since_epoch
echo -e "${green}Turn off selinux${nc}"
adb shell setenforce 0
adb shell getenforce
echo -e "${green}Setting local loopback${nc}"
adb shell ifconfig lo up
adb shell ifconfig
# Ensure netd is running, as otherwise the logcat would be spammed
# with the following messages on devices running Android O:
# E NetdConnector: Communications error: No such file or directory
# E mDnsConnector: Communications error: No such file or directory
# Netd was initially disabled as an attempt to solve issues with
# network-related libcore and JDWP tests failing on devices running
# Android O (MR1) (see b/74725685). These tests are currently
# disabled. When a better solution has been found, we should remove
# the following lines.
echo -e "${green}Turning on netd${nc}"
adb shell start netd
adb shell getprop init.svc.netd
echo -e "${green}List properties${nc}"
adb shell getprop
echo -e "${green}Uptime${nc}"
adb shell uptime
echo -e "${green}Battery info${nc}"
adb shell dumpsys battery
# Fugu only handles buffer size up to 16MB.
product_name=$(adb shell getprop
if [ "x$product_name" = xfugu ]; then
echo -e "${green}Setting adb buffer size to ${buffer_size}${nc}"
adb logcat -G ${buffer_size}
adb logcat -g
echo -e "${green}Removing adb spam filter${nc}"
adb logcat -P ""
adb logcat -p
echo -e "${green}Kill stalled dalvikvm processes${nc}"
# 'ps' on M can sometimes hang.
timeout 2s adb shell "ps"
if [ $? = 124 ]; then
echo -e "${green}Rebooting device to fix 'ps'${nc}"
adb reboot
adb wait-for-device root
processes=$(adb shell "ps" | grep dalvikvm | awk '{print $2}')
for i in $processes; do adb shell kill -9 $i; done
if [[ -n "$ART_TEST_CHROOT" ]]; then
# Prepare the chroot dir.
echo -e "${green}Prepare the chroot dir in $ART_TEST_CHROOT${nc}"
# Check that ART_TEST_CHROOT is correctly defined.
[[ "x$ART_TEST_CHROOT" = x/* ]] || { echo "$ART_TEST_CHROOT is not an absolute path"; exit 1; }
# Create chroot.
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT"
# Provide property_contexts file(s) in chroot.
# This is required to have Android system properties work from the chroot.
# Notes:
# - In Android N, only '/property_contexts' is expected.
# - In Android O, property_context files are expected under /system and /vendor.
# (See bionic/libc/bionic/system_properties.cpp for more information.)
property_context_files="/property_contexts \
/system/etc/selinux/plat_property_contexts \
/vendor/etc/selinux/nonplat_property_context \
/plat_property_contexts \
for f in $property_context_files; do
adb shell test -f "$f" \
"&&" mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT$(dirname $f)" \
"&&" cp -f "$f" "$ART_TEST_CHROOT$f"
# Create directories required for ART testing in chroot.
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/tmp"
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/data/dalvik-cache"
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/data/local/tmp"
# Populate /etc in chroot with required files.
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/system/etc"
adb shell "cd $ART_TEST_CHROOT && ln -s system/etc etc"
# Provide /proc in chroot.
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/proc"
adb shell mount | grep -q "^proc on $ART_TEST_CHROOT/proc type proc " \
|| adb shell mount -t proc proc "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/proc"
# Provide /sys in chroot.
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/sys"
adb shell mount | grep -q "^sysfs on $ART_TEST_CHROOT/sys type sysfs " \
|| adb shell mount -t sysfs sysfs "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/sys"
# Provide /sys/kernel/debug in chroot.
adb shell mount | grep -q "^debugfs on $ART_TEST_CHROOT/sys/kernel/debug type debugfs " \
|| adb shell mount -t debugfs debugfs "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/sys/kernel/debug"
# Provide /dev in chroot.
adb shell mkdir -p "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/dev"
adb shell mount | grep -q "^tmpfs on $ART_TEST_CHROOT/dev type tmpfs " \
|| adb shell mount -o bind /dev "$ART_TEST_CHROOT/dev"