ART: Fix wide stores in Optimizing

SsaBuilder::VisitStoreLocal did not take into account the following:
 (a) when storing a wide value, the high vreg must be invalidated,
 (b) when storing into the high vreg of a wide value, the low vreg
     must be invalidated.

Both situations cause overestimation of liveness but only (b) has
implications on correctness. CodeGenerator::EmitEnvironment will skip
the high vreg, causing deoptimizing and try/catch to load a wrong
value for that vreg.

In order to fix this bug, several changes had to be made to the
 (1) phis need to be initialized with a type which matches its
     inputs' size,
 (2) eagerly created loop header phis may end up being undefined
     because of their corresponding vregs being invalidated inside
     the loop; these are marked dead during input setting,
 (3) the entire SSA-building algorithm should never revive an
     undefined loop header phi.

Bug: 25677992

Change-Id: Id8a852e38c3f5ff1c2e608b1aafd6d5ac8311e32
9 files changed