Don't scan image space when starting runtime.

Bug 10432288.
Find Classes and Strings from dex caches lazily rather than when the image is
Make class status changes do notifies when there can be waiters.
For Class lookup there's a pathology if we always search dex caches and
so after 1000 failures move all classes into the class table.
Be consistent in using "const char*" for class linker descriptors as this
most easily agrees with the type in the dex file.
Improve the intern run-test so that it has a case of a literal contained in the
Modify image_test to allow any valid lock word rather than expecting 0, ideally
we wouldn't see inflated monitors but we do due to NotifyAll (see bug 6961405).

Change-Id: Ia9bfa748eeccb9b4498784b97c6823141b1f6db8
16 files changed