ART: Remove MIRGraph::dex_pc_to_block_map_

This patch removes MIRGraph::dex_pc_to_block_map_, adds a local
variable dex_pc_to_block_map inside MIRGraph::InlineMethod(), and
updates several functions to pass dex_pc_to_block_map.
The goal is to limit the scope of dex_pc_to_block_map and
the usage of FindBlock, so that various compiler optimizations
cannot rely on dex pc to look up basic blocks to avoid
duplicated dex pc issues.
Also, this patch changes quick targets to use successor blocks
for switch case target generation at Mir2Lir::InstallSwitchTables().

Change-Id: I9f571efebd2706b4e1606279bd61f3b406ecd1c4
Signed-off-by: Chao-ying Fu <>
9 files changed