Numerous fixes to enable PromoteRegs, though it's still broken.

- Fixed ThrowNullPointerFromCode launchpad to load the array length
  directly into the necessary arg reg without clobbering the array
  pointer, since that value may be live afterwards.

- genArrayPut use a temporary reg for bytes if the source reg is >= 4,
  since x86 can't express this.

- Fixed the order that core regs are spilled and unspilled.

- Correctly emit instructions when base == rBP and disp == 0.

- Added checks to the compiler to ensure that byte opcodes aren't used
  on registers that can't be byte accessed.

- Fixed generation of a number of ops which use byte opcodes, including
  floating point comparison, int-to-byte, and and-int/lit16.

- Added rBP, rSI, and rDI to spill registers for the x86 jni compiler.

- Various fixes and additions to the x86 disassembler.

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