Add support for bump pointer spaces to DdmSendHeapSegments.

Added support for bump pointer spaces as well as
differentiating between DlMallocSpaces and RosAllocSpaces.
Added logic to reset the start of next chunk to prevent
inbetween space regions counted as free.

Fixed a debug build bug where we were doing an mprotect after
creating a rosalloc space. In debug builds, this writes a magic
value in the page. This was faulting since it was set to PROT_NONE.
The fix moves the mprotect before the RosAlloc space creation.

Bug: 16408851

(cherry picked from commit 36dab3607e77505ce139eacef1c62a1c4bc4affd)

Change-Id: I5095feb01fa7e248178a2833da7f821f4fd52c89
2 files changed