JDWP: asynchronous invoke command handling

The JDWP thread used to wait for the result of a method invocation
running in an event thread. But doing that prevents the JDWP thread
from processing incoming commands from the debugger if the event
thread gets suspended by a debug event occurring in another thread.
In Android Studio (or another IDE), this leads to the debugger being
blocked (with the famous message "Waiting until last debugger command
completes" of Android Studio / IntelliJ) because it is actually
waiting for the reply of its latest command while the JDWP thread
cannot process it.

This CL changes the way invoke commands (ClassType.InvokeCommand,
ClassType.NewInstance and ObjectReference.InvokeCommand) are handled
in the ART runtime.
The JDWP thread no longer waits for the event thread to complete the
method invocation. It now simply waits for the next JDWP command to
process. This means it does not send any reply for invoke commands,
except if the information given by the debugger is wrong. In this
case, it still sends a reply with the appropriate error code.
The event thread is now responsible for sending the reply (containing
the result and the exception object of the invoked method) before
going back to the suspended state.

In other words, we add special handling for invoke commands so they
are handled asynchronously while other commands remained handled
synchronously. In the future, we may want to handle all commands
asynchronously (using a queue of reply/event for instance) to remove
the special handling code this CL is adding.

Now the JDWP thread can process commands while a thread is invoking
a method, it is possible for the debugger to detach (by sending a
VirtualMachine.Dispose command) before the invocation completes. In
that situation, we must not suspend threads again (including the
event thread that executed the method) because they would all remain
suspended forever.

Also minor cleanup of the use of JDWP constants and update comments.

Bug: 21515842
Bug: 18899981

(cherry picked from commit cbc5064ff05179b97b416f00ca579c55e38cd7d9)

Change-Id: I8d31006043468913ee8453212e6d16e11fcfe4ea
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