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// Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#include "src/globals.h"
#include "src/macros.h"
#include "src/raw_dex_file.h"
namespace art {
class Class;
class Field;
class Method;
class String;
union JValue;
class DexFile {
// Opens a .dex file from the file system. Returns NULL on failure.
static DexFile* OpenFile(const char* filename);
// Opens a .dex file from a base64 encoded array. Returns NULL on
// failure.
// TODO: move this into the DexFile unit test
static DexFile* OpenBase64(const char* base64);
// Opens a .dex file from a RawDexFile. Takes ownership of the
// RawDexFile.
static DexFile* Open(RawDexFile* raw);
// Close and deallocate.
size_t NumTypes() const {
return num_classes_;
size_t NumMethods() const {
return num_methods_;
Class* LoadClass(const char* descriptor);
Class* LoadClass(const RawDexFile::ClassDef& class_def);
bool HasClass(const char* descriptor) {
return raw_->FindClassDef(descriptor) != NULL;
RawDexFile* GetRaw() const {
return raw_.get();
String* GetResolvedString(uint32_t string_idx) const {
return strings_[string_idx];
void SetResolvedString(String* resolved, uint32_t string_idx) {
strings_[string_idx] = resolved;
Class* GetResolvedClass(uint32_t class_idx) const {
return classes_[class_idx];
void SetResolvedClass(Class* resolved, uint32_t class_idx) {
classes_[class_idx] = resolved;
DexFile(RawDexFile* raw) : raw_(raw) {};
void Init();
void LoadInterfaces(const RawDexFile::ClassDef& class_def, Class *klass);
void LoadField(Class* klass, const RawDexFile::Field& src, Field* dst);
void LoadMethod(Class* klass, const RawDexFile::Method& src, Method* dst);
// Table of contents for interned String objects.
String** strings_;
size_t num_strings_;
// Table of contents for Class objects.
Class** classes_;
size_t num_classes_;
// Table of contents for methods.
Method** methods_;
size_t num_methods_;
// Table of contents for fields.
Field** fields_;
size_t num_fields_;
// The size of the DEX file, in bytes.
size_t length_;
// The underlying dex file.
scoped_ptr<RawDexFile> raw_;
} // namespace art
#endif // ART_SRC_DEX_FILE_H_