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// Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#include <map>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "src/macros.h"
#include "src/thread.h"
#include "src/object.h"
namespace art {
class ClassLinker {
ClassLinker() {}
~ClassLinker() {}
// Finds a class by its descriptor name.
Class* FindClass(const char* descriptor,
Object* class_loader,
DexFile* dex_file);
Class* FindPrimitiveClass(const char* descriptor);
bool InitializeClass(Class* klass);
Class* LookupClass(const char* descriptor, Object* class_loader);
Class* ResolveClass(const Class* referring, uint32_t class_idx);
String* ResolveString(const Class* referring, uint32_t string_idx);
DexFile* FindInClassPath(const char* descriptor);
void AppendToClassPath(DexFile* dex_file);
// Inserts a class into the class table. Returns true if the class
// was inserted.
bool InsertClass(Class* klass);
bool InitializeSuperClass(Class* klass);
void InitializeStaticFields(Class* klass);
bool ValidateSuperClassDescriptors(const Class* klass);
bool HasSameDescriptorClasses(const char* descriptor,
const Class* klass1,
const Class* klass2);
bool HasSameMethodDescriptorClasses(const Method* descriptor,
const Class* klass1,
const Class* klass2);
bool LinkClass(Class* klass);
bool LinkSuperClass(Class* klass);
bool LinkInterfaces(Class* klass);
bool LinkMethods(Class* klass);
bool LinkVirtualMethods(Class* klass);
bool LinkInterfaceMethods(Class* klass);
void LinkAbstractMethods(Class* klass);
bool LinkInstanceFields(Class* klass);
void CreateReferenceOffsets(Class* klass);
std::vector<DexFile*> class_path_;
// TODO: multimap
typedef std::map<const char*, Class*, CStringLt> Table;
Table classes_;
Mutex* classes_lock_;
// TODO: classpath
} // namespace art