Rewrite HInstruction::Is/As<type>().

Make Is<type>() and As<type>() non-virtual for concrete
instruction types, relying on GetKind(), and mark GetKind()
as PURE to improve optimization opportunities. This reduces
the number of relocations in's .rel.dyn
section by ~4K, or ~44%, and in by ~18K, or
~65%. The file is 96KiB smaller for Nexus 5, including 8KiB
reduction of the .text section.

Unfortunately, the g++/clang++ __attribute__((pure)) is not
strong enough to avoid duplicated virtual calls and we would
need the C++ [[pure]] attribute proposed in n3744 instead.
To work around this deficiency, we introduce an extra
non-virtual indirection for GetKind(), so that the compiler
can optimize common expressions such as
    instruction->IsAdd() || instruction->IsSub()
    instruction->IsAdd() && instruction->AsAdd()->...
which contain two virtual calls to GetKind() after inlining.

Change-Id: I83787de0671a5cb9f5b0a5f4a536cef239d5b401
14 files changed