Temporarily always enable dexlayout output verification.

Enable the IR-level check by default for debugging b/62840842.
Will ensure that output of dexlayout is valid.

Bug: 62840842
Test: mm test-art-host

(cherry-picked from commit 0f1530021934b5defd30ded0e19ee8aa80ae812a)

Change-Id: I945c880ca5d0bc89e31eb7269d681f3a25f19670
diff --git a/dexlayout/dexlayout.h b/dexlayout/dexlayout.h
index 531bc98..ed011d6 100644
--- a/dexlayout/dexlayout.h
+++ b/dexlayout/dexlayout.h
@@ -58,7 +58,8 @@
   bool show_section_headers_ = false;
   bool show_section_statistics_ = false;
   bool verbose_ = false;
-  bool verify_output_ = false;
+  // TODO: Set verify_output_ back to false by default. Was set to true for debugging b/62840842.
+  bool verify_output_ = true;
   bool visualize_pattern_ = false;
   OutputFormat output_format_ = kOutputPlain;
   const char* output_dex_directory_ = nullptr;