Compiler constant handling rework

In preparation for de-optimization, reworked the constant
handling mechanism.  Also took advantage of knowledge of
constant operands (particularly for long operations).

Significant performance improvements for Mandelbrot
(~60 seconds to ~34 seconds).  Minor improvements in other

The new constant handling breaks two of the existing
optimization passes: "Skip Large Method" and "Load/Store

I don't intend to update the large method optimization
because it will be superceeded by the upcoming interpreter/
fingerprinting mechanism.  Leaving the code in place for
now in order to compare compile-time improvements with
fingerprinting/interpret.  All related code will be deleted
when that is complete.

The load/store elimination pass needs some rework to handle
uses of multiple-register loads and stores.  It will be
updated & restored in a future CL.

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