Prevent verifier from creating unused compilation data.

The verifier used to create data which may be unused like GC map. This is the
case for non-compiled method (which are interpreted). This CL aims to optimize

Here are the changes:
- Move compilation selection to MethodVerifier::IsCandidateForCompilation.
- Compiler and verifier use this method to know if a method must be compiled.
- Only create compilation data while compiling using Runtime::IsCompiler.
- Do not create internal structures concerning GC map, ... in Runtime::Init and
Runtime::Shutdown when we are not compiling.
- Checks we are compiling when accessing these structures.
- Add missing destruction of MethodVerifier::safecast_map_lock_ and
MethodVerifier::safecast_map_ in Runtime::Shutdown.
- Call Runtime::Shutdown just before Runtime instance is destroyed to avoid a
- Add missing "GUARDED_BY" macro for MethodVerifier::rejected_classes_ field.
- Add "has_check_casts" to avoid the safecast pass if there is no check-cast
- Add "has_virtual_or_interface_invokes" to avoid the devirtualization pass if
there is no invoke-virtual/range nor invoke-interface/range instructions.

Bug: 9987437
Change-Id: I418ee99f63e4203409cf5b7d2c2295b22fcf24c1
4 files changed