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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cstddef>
#include <memory>
#include "base/dchecked_vector.h"
#include "linker/relative_patcher.h" // For linker::RelativePatcherTargetProvider.
#include "mem_map.h"
#include "method_reference.h"
#include "mirror/class.h"
#include "oat.h"
#include "os.h"
#include "safe_map.h"
#include "ScopedFd.h"
#include "utils/array_ref.h"
namespace art {
class BitVector;
class CompiledMethod;
class CompilerDriver;
class ImageWriter;
class OutputStream;
class TimingLogger;
class TypeLookupTable;
class ZipEntry;
namespace debug {
struct MethodDebugInfo;
} // namespace debug
namespace linker {
class MultiOatRelativePatcher;
} // namespace linker
// OatHeader variable length with count of D OatDexFiles
// OatDexFile[0] one variable sized OatDexFile with offsets to Dex and OatClasses
// OatDexFile[1]
// ...
// OatDexFile[D]
// Dex[0] one variable sized DexFile for each OatDexFile.
// Dex[1] these are literal copies of the input .dex files.
// ...
// Dex[D]
// TypeLookupTable[0] one descriptor to class def index hash table for each OatDexFile.
// TypeLookupTable[1]
// ...
// TypeLookupTable[D]
// ClassOffsets[0] one table of OatClass offsets for each class def for each OatDexFile.
// ClassOffsets[1]
// ...
// ClassOffsets[D]
// OatClass[0] one variable sized OatClass for each of C DexFile::ClassDefs
// OatClass[1] contains OatClass entries with class status, offsets to code, etc.
// ...
// OatClass[C]
// GcMap one variable sized blob with GC map.
// GcMap GC maps are deduplicated.
// ...
// GcMap
// VmapTable one variable sized VmapTable blob (quick compiler only).
// VmapTable VmapTables are deduplicated.
// ...
// VmapTable
// MappingTable one variable sized blob with MappingTable (quick compiler only).
// MappingTable MappingTables are deduplicated.
// ...
// MappingTable
// padding if necessary so that the following code will be page aligned
// OatMethodHeader fixed size header for a CompiledMethod including the size of the MethodCode.
// MethodCode one variable sized blob with the code of a CompiledMethod.
// OatMethodHeader (OatMethodHeader, MethodCode) pairs are deduplicated.
// MethodCode
// ...
// OatMethodHeader
// MethodCode
class OatWriter {
enum class CreateTypeLookupTable {
kDefault = kCreate
OatWriter(bool compiling_boot_image, TimingLogger* timings);
// To produce a valid oat file, the user must first add sources with any combination of
// - AddDexFileSource(),
// - AddZippedDexFilesSource(),
// - AddRawDexFileSource().
// Then the user must call in order
// - WriteAndOpenDexFiles()
// - PrepareLayout(),
// - WriteRodata(),
// - WriteCode(),
// - WriteHeader().
// Add dex file source(s) from a file, either a plain dex file or
// a zip file with one or more dex files.
bool AddDexFileSource(
const char* filename,
const char* location,
CreateTypeLookupTable create_type_lookup_table = CreateTypeLookupTable::kDefault);
// Add dex file source(s) from a zip file specified by a file handle.
bool AddZippedDexFilesSource(
ScopedFd&& zip_fd,
const char* location,
CreateTypeLookupTable create_type_lookup_table = CreateTypeLookupTable::kDefault);
// Add dex file source from raw memory.
bool AddRawDexFileSource(
const ArrayRef<const uint8_t>& data,
const char* location,
uint32_t location_checksum,
CreateTypeLookupTable create_type_lookup_table = CreateTypeLookupTable::kDefault);
dchecked_vector<const char*> GetSourceLocations() const;
// Write raw dex files to the .rodata section and open them from the oat file. The verify
// setting dictates whether the dex file verifier should check the dex files. This is generally
// the case, and should only be false for tests.
bool WriteAndOpenDexFiles(OutputStream* rodata,
File* file,
InstructionSet instruction_set,
const InstructionSetFeatures* instruction_set_features,
SafeMap<std::string, std::string>* key_value_store,
bool verify,
/*out*/ std::unique_ptr<MemMap>* opened_dex_files_map,
/*out*/ std::vector<std::unique_ptr<const DexFile>>* opened_dex_files);
// Prepare layout of remaining data.
void PrepareLayout(const CompilerDriver* compiler,
ImageWriter* image_writer,
const std::vector<const DexFile*>& dex_files,
linker::MultiOatRelativePatcher* relative_patcher);
// Write the rest of .rodata section (ClassOffsets[], OatClass[], maps).
bool WriteRodata(OutputStream* out);
// Write the code to the .text section.
bool WriteCode(OutputStream* out);
// Write the oat header. This finalizes the oat file.
bool WriteHeader(OutputStream* out,
uint32_t image_file_location_oat_checksum,
uintptr_t image_file_location_oat_begin,
int32_t image_patch_delta);
// Returns whether the oat file has an associated image.
bool HasImage() const {
// Since the image is being created at the same time as the oat file,
// check if there's an image writer.
return image_writer_ != nullptr;
bool HasBootImage() const {
return compiling_boot_image_;
const OatHeader& GetOatHeader() const {
return *oat_header_;
size_t GetSize() const {
return size_;
size_t GetBssSize() const {
return bss_size_;
size_t GetOatDataOffset() const {
return oat_data_offset_;
ArrayRef<const uintptr_t> GetAbsolutePatchLocations() const {
return ArrayRef<const uintptr_t>(absolute_patch_locations_);
ArrayRef<const debug::MethodDebugInfo> GetMethodDebugInfo() const {
return ArrayRef<const debug::MethodDebugInfo>(method_info_);
const CompilerDriver* GetCompilerDriver() {
return compiler_driver_;
class DexFileSource;
class OatClass;
class OatDexFile;
// The DataAccess classes are helper classes that provide access to members related to
// a given map, i.e. GC map, mapping table or vmap table. By abstracting these away
// we can share a lot of code for processing the maps with template classes below.
struct GcMapDataAccess;
struct MappingTableDataAccess;
struct VmapTableDataAccess;
// The function VisitDexMethods() below iterates through all the methods in all
// the compiled dex files in order of their definitions. The method visitor
// classes provide individual bits of processing for each of the passes we need to
// first collect the data we want to write to the oat file and then, in later passes,
// to actually write it.
class DexMethodVisitor;
class OatDexMethodVisitor;
class InitOatClassesMethodVisitor;
class InitCodeMethodVisitor;
template <typename DataAccess>
class InitMapMethodVisitor;
class InitImageMethodVisitor;
class WriteCodeMethodVisitor;
template <typename DataAccess>
class WriteMapMethodVisitor;
// Visit all the methods in all the compiled dex files in their definition order
// with a given DexMethodVisitor.
bool VisitDexMethods(DexMethodVisitor* visitor);
size_t InitOatHeader(InstructionSet instruction_set,
const InstructionSetFeatures* instruction_set_features,
uint32_t num_dex_files,
SafeMap<std::string, std::string>* key_value_store);
size_t InitOatDexFiles(size_t offset);
size_t InitOatClasses(size_t offset);
size_t InitOatMaps(size_t offset);
size_t InitOatCode(size_t offset);
size_t InitOatCodeDexFiles(size_t offset);
bool WriteClassOffsets(OutputStream* out);
bool WriteClasses(OutputStream* out);
size_t WriteMaps(OutputStream* out, const size_t file_offset, size_t relative_offset);
size_t WriteCode(OutputStream* out, const size_t file_offset, size_t relative_offset);
size_t WriteCodeDexFiles(OutputStream* out, const size_t file_offset, size_t relative_offset);
bool RecordOatDataOffset(OutputStream* out);
bool ReadDexFileHeader(File* file, OatDexFile* oat_dex_file);
bool ValidateDexFileHeader(const uint8_t* raw_header, const char* location);
bool WriteDexFiles(OutputStream* rodata, File* file);
bool WriteDexFile(OutputStream* rodata, File* file, OatDexFile* oat_dex_file);
bool SeekToDexFile(OutputStream* rodata, File* file, OatDexFile* oat_dex_file);
bool WriteDexFile(OutputStream* rodata, File* file, OatDexFile* oat_dex_file, ZipEntry* dex_file);
bool WriteDexFile(OutputStream* rodata, File* file, OatDexFile* oat_dex_file, File* dex_file);
bool WriteDexFile(OutputStream* rodata, OatDexFile* oat_dex_file, const uint8_t* dex_file);
bool WriteOatDexFiles(OutputStream* rodata);
bool ExtendForTypeLookupTables(OutputStream* rodata, File* file, size_t offset);
bool OpenDexFiles(File* file,
bool verify,
/*out*/ std::unique_ptr<MemMap>* opened_dex_files_map,
/*out*/ std::vector<std::unique_ptr<const DexFile>>* opened_dex_files);
bool WriteTypeLookupTables(MemMap* opened_dex_files_map,
const std::vector<std::unique_ptr<const DexFile>>& opened_dex_files);
bool WriteCodeAlignment(OutputStream* out, uint32_t aligned_code_delta);
bool WriteData(OutputStream* out, const void* data, size_t size);
void SetMultiOatRelativePatcherAdjustment();
enum class WriteState {
WriteState write_state_;
TimingLogger* timings_;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<File>> raw_dex_files_;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ZipArchive>> zip_archives_;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ZipEntry>> zipped_dex_files_;
// Using std::list<> which doesn't move elements around on push/emplace_back().
// We need this because we keep plain pointers to the strings' c_str().
std::list<std::string> zipped_dex_file_locations_;
dchecked_vector<debug::MethodDebugInfo> method_info_;
const CompilerDriver* compiler_driver_;
ImageWriter* image_writer_;
const bool compiling_boot_image_;
// note OatFile does not take ownership of the DexFiles
const std::vector<const DexFile*>* dex_files_;
// Size required for Oat data structures.
size_t size_;
// The size of the required .bss section holding the DexCache data.
size_t bss_size_;
// Offsets of the dex cache arrays for each app dex file. For the
// boot image, this information is provided by the ImageWriter.
SafeMap<const DexFile*, size_t> dex_cache_arrays_offsets_; // DexFiles not owned.
// Offset of the oat data from the start of the mmapped region of the elf file.
size_t oat_data_offset_;
// data to write
std::unique_ptr<OatHeader> oat_header_;
dchecked_vector<OatDexFile> oat_dex_files_;
dchecked_vector<OatClass> oat_classes_;
std::unique_ptr<const std::vector<uint8_t>> jni_dlsym_lookup_;
std::unique_ptr<const std::vector<uint8_t>> quick_generic_jni_trampoline_;
std::unique_ptr<const std::vector<uint8_t>> quick_imt_conflict_trampoline_;
std::unique_ptr<const std::vector<uint8_t>> quick_resolution_trampoline_;
std::unique_ptr<const std::vector<uint8_t>> quick_to_interpreter_bridge_;
// output stats
uint32_t size_dex_file_alignment_;
uint32_t size_executable_offset_alignment_;
uint32_t size_oat_header_;
uint32_t size_oat_header_key_value_store_;
uint32_t size_dex_file_;
uint32_t size_interpreter_to_interpreter_bridge_;
uint32_t size_interpreter_to_compiled_code_bridge_;
uint32_t size_jni_dlsym_lookup_;
uint32_t size_quick_generic_jni_trampoline_;
uint32_t size_quick_imt_conflict_trampoline_;
uint32_t size_quick_resolution_trampoline_;
uint32_t size_quick_to_interpreter_bridge_;
uint32_t size_trampoline_alignment_;
uint32_t size_method_header_;
uint32_t size_code_;
uint32_t size_code_alignment_;
uint32_t size_relative_call_thunks_;
uint32_t size_misc_thunks_;
uint32_t size_mapping_table_;
uint32_t size_vmap_table_;
uint32_t size_gc_map_;
uint32_t size_oat_dex_file_location_size_;
uint32_t size_oat_dex_file_location_data_;
uint32_t size_oat_dex_file_location_checksum_;
uint32_t size_oat_dex_file_offset_;
uint32_t size_oat_dex_file_class_offsets_offset_;
uint32_t size_oat_dex_file_lookup_table_offset_;
uint32_t size_oat_lookup_table_alignment_;
uint32_t size_oat_lookup_table_;
uint32_t size_oat_class_offsets_alignment_;
uint32_t size_oat_class_offsets_;
uint32_t size_oat_class_type_;
uint32_t size_oat_class_status_;
uint32_t size_oat_class_method_bitmaps_;
uint32_t size_oat_class_method_offsets_;
// The helper for processing relative patches is external so that we can patch across oat files.
linker::MultiOatRelativePatcher* relative_patcher_;
// The locations of absolute patches relative to the start of the executable section.
dchecked_vector<uintptr_t> absolute_patch_locations_;
} // namespace art