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* Copyright (C) 2008 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* Dalvik-specific side of debugger support. (The JDWP code is intended to
* be relatively generic.)
#include <pthread.h>
#include <string>
#include "jdwp/jdwp.h"
#include "object.h"
namespace art {
struct Thread;
* Invoke-during-breakpoint support.
struct DebugInvokeReq {
DebugInvokeReq() : lock_("a DebugInvokeReq lock"), cond_("a DebugInvokeReq condition variable") {
/* boolean; only set when we're in the tail end of an event handler */
bool ready;
/* boolean; set if the JDWP thread wants this thread to do work */
bool invoke_needed;
/* request */
Object* obj; /* not used for ClassType.InvokeMethod */
Object* thread;
Class* class_;
Method* method;
uint32_t num_args;
uint64_t* arg_array; /* will be NULL if numArgs==0 */
uint32_t options;
/* result */
JDWP::JdwpError error;
uint8_t result_tag;
JValue result_value;
JDWP::ObjectId exception;
/* condition variable to wait on while the method executes */
Mutex lock_;
ConditionVariable cond_;
class Dbg {
static bool ParseJdwpOptions(const std::string& options);
static void SetJdwpAllowed(bool allowed);
static void StartJdwp();
static void StopJdwp();
// Return the DebugInvokeReq for the current thread.
static DebugInvokeReq* GetInvokeReq();
static Thread* GetDebugThread();
static void ClearWaitForEventThread();
* Enable/disable breakpoints and step modes. Used to provide a heads-up
* when the debugger attaches.
static void Connected();
static void Active();
static void Disconnected();
* Returns "true" if a debugger is connected. Returns "false" if it's
* just DDM.
static bool IsDebuggerConnected();
static bool IsDebuggingEnabled();
* Time, in milliseconds, since the last debugger activity. Does not
* include DDMS activity. Returns -1 if there has been no activity.
* Returns 0 if we're in the middle of handling a debugger request.
static int64_t LastDebuggerActivity();
* Block/allow GC depending on what we're doing. These return the old
* status, which can be fed to ThreadContinuing() to restore the previous
* mode.
static int ThreadRunning();
static int ThreadWaiting();
static int ThreadContinuing(int status);
static void UndoDebuggerSuspensions();
// The debugger wants the VM to exit.
static void Exit(int status);
* Class, Object, Array
static const char* GetClassDescriptor(JDWP::RefTypeId id);
static JDWP::ObjectId GetClassObject(JDWP::RefTypeId id);
static JDWP::RefTypeId GetSuperclass(JDWP::RefTypeId id);
static JDWP::ObjectId GetClassLoader(JDWP::RefTypeId id);
static uint32_t GetAccessFlags(JDWP::RefTypeId id);
static bool IsInterface(JDWP::RefTypeId id);
static void GetClassList(uint32_t* pNumClasses, JDWP::RefTypeId** pClassRefBuf);
static void GetVisibleClassList(JDWP::ObjectId classLoaderId, uint32_t* pNumClasses, JDWP::RefTypeId** pClassRefBuf);
static void GetClassInfo(JDWP::RefTypeId classId, uint8_t* pTypeTag, uint32_t* pStatus, const char** pSignature);
static bool FindLoadedClassBySignature(const char* classDescriptor, JDWP::RefTypeId* pRefTypeId);
static void GetObjectType(JDWP::ObjectId objectId, uint8_t* pRefTypeTag, JDWP::RefTypeId* pRefTypeId);
static uint8_t GetClassObjectType(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId);
static const char* GetSignature(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId);
static const char* GetSourceFile(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId);
static const char* GetObjectTypeName(JDWP::ObjectId objectId);
static uint8_t GetObjectTag(JDWP::ObjectId objectId);
static int GetTagWidth(int tag);
static int GetArrayLength(JDWP::ObjectId arrayId);
static uint8_t GetArrayElementTag(JDWP::ObjectId arrayId);
static bool OutputArray(JDWP::ObjectId arrayId, int firstIndex, int count, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static bool SetArrayElements(JDWP::ObjectId arrayId, int firstIndex, int count, const uint8_t* buf);
static JDWP::ObjectId CreateString(const char* str);
static JDWP::ObjectId CreateObject(JDWP::RefTypeId classId);
static JDWP::ObjectId CreateArrayObject(JDWP::RefTypeId arrayTypeId, uint32_t length);
static bool MatchType(JDWP::RefTypeId instClassId, JDWP::RefTypeId classId);
* Method and Field
static const char* GetMethodName(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::MethodId id);
static void OutputAllFields(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, bool withGeneric, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static void OutputAllMethods(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, bool withGeneric, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static void OutputAllInterfaces(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static void OutputLineTable(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::MethodId methodId, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static void OutputVariableTable(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::MethodId id, bool withGeneric, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static uint8_t GetFieldBasicTag(JDWP::ObjectId objId, JDWP::FieldId fieldId);
static uint8_t GetStaticFieldBasicTag(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::FieldId fieldId);
static void GetFieldValue(JDWP::ObjectId objectId, JDWP::FieldId fieldId, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static void SetFieldValue(JDWP::ObjectId objectId, JDWP::FieldId fieldId, uint64_t value, int width);
static void GetStaticFieldValue(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::FieldId fieldId, JDWP::ExpandBuf* pReply);
static void SetStaticFieldValue(JDWP::RefTypeId refTypeId, JDWP::FieldId fieldId, uint64_t rawValue, int width);
static char* StringToUtf8(JDWP::ObjectId strId);
* Thread, ThreadGroup, Frame
static char* GetThreadName(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static JDWP::ObjectId GetThreadGroup(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static char* GetThreadGroupName(JDWP::ObjectId threadGroupId);
static JDWP::ObjectId GetThreadGroupParent(JDWP::ObjectId threadGroupId);
static JDWP::ObjectId GetSystemThreadGroupId();
static JDWP::ObjectId GetMainThreadGroupId();
static bool GetThreadStatus(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, uint32_t* threadStatus, uint32_t* suspendStatus);
static uint32_t GetThreadSuspendCount(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static bool ThreadExists(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static bool IsSuspended(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
//static void WaitForSuspend(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static void GetThreadGroupThreads(JDWP::ObjectId threadGroupId, JDWP::ObjectId** ppThreadIds, uint32_t* pThreadCount);
static void GetAllThreads(JDWP::ObjectId** ppThreadIds, uint32_t* pThreadCount);
static int GetThreadFrameCount(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static bool GetThreadFrame(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, int num, JDWP::FrameId* pFrameId, JDWP::JdwpLocation* pLoc);
static JDWP::ObjectId GetThreadSelfId();
static void SuspendVM();
static void ResumeVM();
static void SuspendThread(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static void ResumeThread(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static void SuspendSelf();
static bool GetThisObject(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, JDWP::FrameId frameId, JDWP::ObjectId* pThisId);
static void GetLocalValue(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, JDWP::FrameId frameId, int slot, uint8_t tag, uint8_t* buf, int expectedLen);
static void SetLocalValue(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, JDWP::FrameId frameId, int slot, uint8_t tag, uint64_t value, int width);
* Debugger notification
enum {
kBreakPoint = 0x01,
kSingleStep = 0x02,
kMethodEntry = 0x04,
kMethodExit = 0x08,
static void PostLocationEvent(const Method* method, int pcOffset, Object* thisPtr, int eventFlags);
static void PostException(void* throwFp, int throwRelPc, void* catchFp, int catchRelPc, Object* exception);
static void PostThreadStart(Thread* t);
static void PostThreadDeath(Thread* t);
static void PostClassPrepare(Class* c);
static bool WatchLocation(const JDWP::JdwpLocation* pLoc);
static void UnwatchLocation(const JDWP::JdwpLocation* pLoc);
static bool ConfigureStep(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, JDWP::JdwpStepSize size, JDWP::JdwpStepDepth depth);
static void UnconfigureStep(JDWP::ObjectId threadId);
static JDWP::JdwpError InvokeMethod(JDWP::ObjectId threadId, JDWP::ObjectId objectId, JDWP::RefTypeId classId, JDWP::MethodId methodId, uint32_t numArgs, uint64_t* argArray, uint32_t options, uint8_t* pResultTag, uint64_t* pResultValue, JDWP::ObjectId* pExceptObj);
static void ExecuteMethod(DebugInvokeReq* pReq);
/* perform "late registration" of an object ID */
static void RegisterObjectId(JDWP::ObjectId id);
* DDM support.
static bool DdmHandlePacket(const uint8_t* buf, int dataLen, uint8_t** pReplyBuf, int* pReplyLen);
static void DdmConnected();
static void DdmDisconnected();
static void DdmSendChunk(int type, size_t len, const uint8_t* buf);
static void DdmSendChunkV(int type, const struct iovec* iov, int iovcnt);
#define CHUNK_TYPE(_name) \
((_name)[0] << 24 | (_name)[1] << 16 | (_name)[2] << 8 | (_name)[3])
} // namespace art
#endif // ART_DEBUGGER_H_