Replace rotate patterns and invokes with HRor IR.

Replace constant and register version bitfield rotate patterns, and
rotateRight/Left intrinsic invokes, with new HRor IR.

Where k is constant and r is a register, with the UShr and Shl on
either side of a |, +, or ^, the following patterns are replaced:

  x >>> #k OP x << #(reg_size - k)
  x >>> #k OP x << #-k

  x >>> r OP x << (#reg_size - r)
  x >>> (#reg_size - r) OP x << r

  x >>> r OP x << -r
  x >>> -r OP x << r

Implemented for ARM/ARM64 & X86/X86_64.

Tests changed to not be inlined to prevent optimization from folding
them out. Additional tests added for constant rotate amounts.

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23 files changed