Improve ARM disassembler to cope with JNI stubs.

Also decode r9-relative loads/stores, and add the Thread::state_ offset.

Also lose the implicit 's' on the test instructions, and don't show the
destination register for those instructions, since they don't use it.


            0x60cdd718: e599c060    ldr     r12, [r9, #96]  ; top_sirt_

            0x60cdd754: e589c06c    str     r12, [r9, #108]  ; state_

            0x60cdd760: e35c0000    cmp     r12, #0

            0x60cdd7c4: 1a00000b    bne     44 (0x60cdd7f8)

            0x60cdd814: e1200070    bkpt    #0

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