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* Copyright (C) 2014 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "base/value_object.h"
#include "utils/growable_array.h"
#include "locations.h"
namespace art {
class HParallelMove;
class MoveOperands;
// Helper classes to resolve a set of parallel moves. Architecture dependent code generator must
// have their own subclass that implements corresponding virtual functions.
class ParallelMoveResolver : public ValueObject {
explicit ParallelMoveResolver(ArenaAllocator* allocator) : moves_(allocator, 32) {}
virtual ~ParallelMoveResolver() {}
// Resolve a set of parallel moves, emitting assembler instructions.
virtual void EmitNativeCode(HParallelMove* parallel_move) = 0;
// Build the initial list of moves.
void BuildInitialMoveList(HParallelMove* parallel_move);
GrowableArray<MoveOperands*> moves_;
// This helper class uses swap to resolve dependencies and may emit swap.
class ParallelMoveResolverWithSwap : public ParallelMoveResolver {
explicit ParallelMoveResolverWithSwap(ArenaAllocator* allocator)
: ParallelMoveResolver(allocator) {}
virtual ~ParallelMoveResolverWithSwap() {}
// Resolve a set of parallel moves, emitting assembler instructions.
void EmitNativeCode(HParallelMove* parallel_move) OVERRIDE;
class ScratchRegisterScope : public ValueObject {
ScratchRegisterScope(ParallelMoveResolverWithSwap* resolver,
int blocked,
int if_scratch,
int number_of_registers);
int GetRegister() const { return reg_; }
bool IsSpilled() const { return spilled_; }
ParallelMoveResolverWithSwap* resolver_;
int reg_;
bool spilled_;
// Return true if the location can be scratched.
bool IsScratchLocation(Location loc);
// Allocate a scratch register for performing a move. The method will try to use
// a register that is the destination of a move, but that move has not been emitted yet.
int AllocateScratchRegister(int blocked, int if_scratch, int register_count, bool* spilled);
// Emit a move.
virtual void EmitMove(size_t index) = 0;
// Execute a move by emitting a swap of two operands.
virtual void EmitSwap(size_t index) = 0;
virtual void SpillScratch(int reg) = 0;
virtual void RestoreScratch(int reg) = 0;
static constexpr int kNoRegister = -1;
// Perform the move at the moves_ index in question (possibly requiring
// other moves to satisfy dependencies).
// Return whether another move in the dependency cycle needs to swap. This
// is to handle 64bits swaps:
// 1) In the case of register pairs, where we want the pair to swap first to avoid
// building pairs that are unexpected by the code generator. For example, if
// we were to swap R1 with R2, we would need to update all locations using
// R2 to R1. So a (R2,R3) pair register could become (R1,R3). We could make
// the code generator understand such pairs, but it's easier and cleaner to
// just not create such pairs and exchange pairs in priority.
// 2) Even when the architecture does not have pairs, we must handle 64bits swaps
// first. Consider the case: (R0->R1) (R1->S) (S->R0), where 'S' is a single
// stack slot. If we end up swapping S and R0, S will only contain the low bits
// of R0. If R0->R1 is for a 64bits instruction, R1 will therefore not contain
// the right value.
MoveOperands* PerformMove(size_t index);
// This helper class uses additional scratch registers to resolve dependencies. It supports all kind
// of dependency cycles and does not care about the register layout.
class ParallelMoveResolverNoSwap : public ParallelMoveResolver {
explicit ParallelMoveResolverNoSwap(ArenaAllocator* allocator)
: ParallelMoveResolver(allocator), scratches_(allocator, 32),
pending_moves_(allocator, 8), allocator_(allocator) {}
virtual ~ParallelMoveResolverNoSwap() {}
// Resolve a set of parallel moves, emitting assembler instructions.
void EmitNativeCode(HParallelMove* parallel_move) OVERRIDE;
// Called at the beginning of EmitNativeCode(). A subclass may put some architecture dependent
// initialization here.
virtual void PrepareForEmitNativeCode() = 0;
// Called at the end of EmitNativeCode(). A subclass may put some architecture dependent cleanup
// here. All scratch locations will be removed after this call.
virtual void FinishEmitNativeCode() = 0;
// Allocate a scratch location to perform a move from input kind of location. A subclass should
// implement this to get the best fit location. If there is no suitable physical register, it can
// also return a stack slot.
virtual Location AllocateScratchLocationFor(Location::Kind kind) = 0;
// Called after a move which takes a scratch location as source. A subclass can defer the cleanup
// to FinishEmitNativeCode().
virtual void FreeScratchLocation(Location loc) = 0;
// Emit a move.
virtual void EmitMove(size_t index) = 0;
// Return a scratch location from the moves which exactly matches the kind.
// Return Location::NoLocation() if no matching scratch location can be found.
Location GetScratchLocation(Location::Kind kind);
// Add a location to the scratch list which can be returned from GetScratchLocation() to resolve
// dependency cycles.
void AddScratchLocation(Location loc);
// Remove a location from the scratch list.
void RemoveScratchLocation(Location loc);
// List of scratch locations.
GrowableArray<Location> scratches_;
// Perform the move at the given index in `moves_` (possibly requiring other moves to satisfy
// dependencies).
void PerformMove(size_t index);
void UpdateMoveSource(Location from, Location to);
void AddPendingMove(Location source, Location destination, Primitive::Type type);
void DeletePendingMove(MoveOperands* move);
// Find a move that may be unblocked after (loc -> XXX) is performed.
MoveOperands* GetUnblockedPendingMove(Location loc);
// Return true if the location is blocked by outstanding moves.
bool IsBlockedByMoves(Location loc);
// Return the number of pending moves.
size_t GetNumberOfPendingMoves();
// Additional pending moves which might be added to resolve dependency cycle.
GrowableArray<MoveOperands*> pending_moves_;
// Used to allocate pending MoveOperands.
ArenaAllocator* const allocator_;
} // namespace art