Arm64 hard-float

Basic enabling of hard-float for Arm64.  In future CLs we'll
consolidate the various targets - there is a lot of overlap.

Compilation remains turned off in this CL, but I expect
to enable a subset shortly.  With compilation fully enabled
(including the EXPERIMENTAL opcodes with the exception of
REM and THROW), we get the following run-test results:

003-omnibus-opcode failures:
Haven't gone deep, but these appear to be related to throw/catch and/or

For REM, the generated code looks reasonable to me - my guess is that
we've got something wrong on the transition to the runtime.  Haven't
looked deeper yet, though.

The bulk of the other failure also appear to be related to transitioning
to the runtime system, or handling try/catch.

run-test status:
Status with optimizations disabled, REM_FLOAT/DOUBLE and THROW disabled:
succeeded tests: 94
failed tests: 22
failed: 003-omnibus-opcodes
failed: 004-annotations
failed: 009-instanceof2
failed: 024-illegal-access
failed: 025-access-controller
failed: 031-class-attributes
failed: 044-proxy
failed: 045-reflect-array
failed: 046-reflect
failed: 058-enum-order
failed: 062-character-encodings
failed: 063-process-manager
failed: 064-field-access
failed: 068-classloader
failed: 071-dexfile
failed: 083-compiler-regressions
failed: 084-class-init
failed: 086-null-super
failed: 087-gc-after-link
failed: 100-reflect2
failed: 107-int-math2
failed: 201-built-in-exception-detail-messages

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