ART: oatdump enhancements

New features list includes:
- Class filter option to limit classes search space
- Method filter is applied only against the method
  name, instead of the entire signature. Can be
  combined with class filter for maximum efficiency.
- Bulk dump of class and method names list only.
  Can be combined with filters to limit results.
- Export embedded dex files from input oat files
  to filesystem (symlinks not supported as utils
  functions are utilized for os & fs operations).
- addr2instr option to locate the in-range method
  implementation and limit disassemble dumps. Input
  relative addr is added to oat executable offset to
  calculate the search offset. If method has been
  successfully located, code is dumped and program
  aborts further analysis of the input file. Methods
  located before the target address just print their
  signature, although skip all disassemble and other
  info. Calculated search offset is also printed as
  part of the initial header info.
- Little-endian dex instructions bytecode is printed
  in the same line before the instruction string.

Some minor re-orders have been also taken place for
more targeted results.

Change-Id: I3116ee3c99c258718f46faea8ea4295da6ae2bf7
Signed-off-by: Anestis Bechtsoudis <>
3 files changed