Compiler: Spring cleaning

Significant restructuring of the Quick compiler to break out the
common frontend more cleanly.  Additional C++'ification.

The goal is to move from the monolithic structure of the old
JIT towards a more modular model in which components - in
particular the compiler backend - can be replaced.  This CL
focuses on moving MIR-related data from the CompilationUnit
struct into a new MIRGraph class.  The next CL will isolate all
LIR-related data and code down into the Quick backend.

This change will happen in multiple steps, and may look uglier
before it starts looking better.

Among the changes:

   o Moved all mir-related fields from CompilationUnit to new
     MirGraph class.

   o Moved the register promotion stuff into the Quick backend.

   o Deleted the GBC to LIR conversion code.

   o Replaced with old C-style function pointer dataflow analysis
     dispatcher with a basic block iterator class.

   o Renamed some files to make the name more consistent with what
     the code actually does.

   o Added the foundation for future inlining support.

   o Stripped out the remains of the old fingerprinting mechanism.

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