JDWP: fix setting multiple breakpoints in the same method

When setting multiple breakpoints in the same method, we were
incorrectly setting the deoptimization kind of all the breakpoints
set after a first breakpoint. This resulted in incorrect
deoptimization/undeoptimization and even an abort. This was caught
by running the debugger with sanity checks enabled with libartd.so.

We now set next breakpoints with the deoptimization kind of the first
existing breakpoint (if any) so we trigger right [un]deoptimization
when adding or removing a breakpoint.

Bug: 18782753
Bug: 18651686

(cherry picked from commit abe93e0098a2648fa286cfea01954737e32c7be9)

Change-Id: I95424e361dc04df0adb54b5afac5b4da2b8b2731
1 file changed