Quickening support.

This CL adds quickening support for methods which are interpreted at runtime.

This CL introduces a DEX-to-DEX compiler. A method is now compiled in one of
the two following modes:
- Native compilation: the method is compiled by the Quick or Portable backends.
At runtime, the generated native target-dependent code is executed.
- DEX-to-DEX compilation: the method is executed by the interpreter at runtime.
Its DEX code is compiled so some instructions can be replaced by special
instructions only valid at runtime. No native code is generated.

The quickening adds special instructions to improve runtime performance. They
are "-quick" versions of the following instructions:
- iget/iput
- iget-wide/iput-wide
- iget-object/iput-object
- invoke-virtual/range.

These special instructions cannot be treated by the verifier since they lose
the field/method index referencing the field/method being accessed/invoked.
To prevent this, the DEX-to-DEX compiler is run only on methods of preverified
classes (without verification error at compilation time).

The DEX-to-DEX compiler implements quickening support using the CompilerDriver
interface like the native compiler does (Quick or Portable backends).
To replace instructions, the DEX-to-DEX compiler must be able to modify the
mmapped DEX file. Since it can be read-only protected, the DEX-to-DEX compiler
must be able to temporarily change its protection to read-write mmapped file.
To achieve this, this CL adds support for changing DEX file protection with
DexFile::EnableWrite and DexFile::DisableWrite methods. Besides, it also adds
a dedicated lock (DexFile::modification_lock) to ensure thread-safety and avoid
concurrent DEX file protection change (from a parallel DEX-to-DEX compiler on
the same DEX file).

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