Adding oat_process

- Added oat_process, a version of app_process use to launch frameworks apps
- Added liboat_runtime, a version of libandroid_runtime that uses art instead of dvm
  This is just a special makefile, frameworks/base/core/jni code is used for source
- Added support for build a boot.oat with the full BOOTCLASSPATH
  The older smaller boat.oat is now core.oat
- Added mem_map code for making sure a requested memory region is available
  Moved mem_map code to cc file to make easier to debug with smaller rebuild
- Moved oat base address to 0x6000000 as a work around to host addres conflict
- Added -Xms and -Xmx options to dex2oat to allow build specific memory options
- Fixed miranda method initialization problem found compiling full bootclasspath
- Made tolerant of verification errors found compiling full bootclasspath
- Bumped arena block alloc warning to avoid noise when compiling full bootclasspath
- Marked implicit GC unimplemented to fail fast
- Added --output argument to oatdump
- Made many object asserts tolerate access in IsErroneous state
  now that verifier is failing validation of some classes during compilation
- Made runtime tolerate unknown access as short term solution for oat_process
- Workaround SSA issue to restore full bootclasspath compilation
- Added test-art-target-processs to excercise oat_process with "am"
  "am" found bug where class_linker was using Method::GetClass and not ::GetDeclaringClass

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