ART: Allow the execution to stop if the compilation fails via an option

The current implementation continues the execution of the application if
dex2oat fails by relying on the interpreter.

This patch adds a -Xno-dex-file-fallback option to stop the default behavior.
This can be used two-fold.

First, one can enforce that a runtime only starts with a boot image. A
follow-up patch will ensure that dex2oat (for apps) and patchoat in general
request that mode and close gracefully otherwise.

Second, this can be used for testing and debugging purposes, as it ensures
that compiler failures & aborts are not silently ignored.

Add testing.

Bug: 19100590
Change-Id: Iaf07b5ccf00942ca8a8ec8687599320a3ddbc089
Signed-off-by: Jean Christophe Beyler <>
18 files changed