Fixed layout for dex caches in boot image.

Define a fixed layout for dex cache arrays (type, method,
string and field arrays) for dex caches in the boot image.
This gives those arrays fixed offsets from the boot image
code and allows PC-relative addressing of their elements.

Use the PC-relative load on arm64 for relevant instructions,
i.e. invoke-static, invoke-direct, const-string,
const-class, check-cast and instance-of. This reduces the
arm64 boot.oat on Nexus 9 by 1.1MiB.

This CL provides the infrastructure and shows on the arm64
the gains that we can achieve by having fixed dex cache
arrays' layout. To fully use this for the boot images, we
need to implement the PC-relative addressing for other
architectures. To achieve similar gains for apps, we need
to move the dex cache arrays to a .bss section of the oat
file. These changes will be implemented in subsequent CLs.

(Also remove some compiler_driver.h dependencies to reduce
incremental build times.)

Change-Id: Ib1859fa4452d01d983fd92ae22b611f45a85d69b
36 files changed