Restore DDMS recent allocation tracking's behavior

Make the allocation tracker mark recently allocated objects as roots,
so the allocation records are not swept. Because DDMS needs recent
allocation tracking records even for dead objects. This should fix
the flaky failures for 098-ddmc test, but it cannot pass GC stress
test (OOM). Re-enabled 098-ddmc for other tests.

There should be an option to not mark them as roots, when user only
needs HPROF dump with traces but not DDMS's recent allocation tracking.
Probably need to add a new JNI API function for this option.

There could be another way to keep a second list of recent allocation
records and maintain a type cache for them, so not to make the objects
roots. But it's more complex, and not sure which is better.

Also reduce memory usage for AllocRecordStackTrace objects, and change
default stack depth to 16. Rename the property that controls the stack
depth to "debug.allocTracker.maxStackDepth" so developer can change it.

Change-Id: Ic6b9ae87bdcda558be6f14ded8057e763439881c
9 files changed