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* Unconditional branch, 32-bit offset.
* The branch distance is a signed code-unit offset, which we need to
* double to get a byte offset.
* Unlike most opcodes, this one is allowed to branch to itself, so
* our "backward branch" test must be "<=0" instead of "<0". Because
* we need the V bit set, we'll use an adds to convert from Dalvik
* offset to byte offset.
/* goto/32 +AAAAAAAA */
FETCH w0, 1 // w0<- aaaa (lo)
FETCH w1, 2 // w1<- AAAA (hi)
orr wINST, w0, w1, lsl #16 // wINST<- AAAAaaaa
b MterpCommonTakenBranchNoFlags