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// Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#include "macros.h"
#include "mark_stack.h"
#include "object_bitmap.h"
#include "offsets.h"
namespace art {
class Class;
class Object;
class MarkSweep {
MarkSweep() :
cleared_reference_list_(NULL) {
// Initializes internal structures.
bool Init();
// Marks the root set at the start of a garbage collection.
void MarkRoots();
// Builds a mark stack and recursively mark until it empties.
void RecursiveMark();
// Remarks the root set after completing the concurrent mark.
void ReMarkRoots();
void ProcessReferences(bool clear_soft_references) {
ProcessReferences(&soft_reference_list_, clear_soft_references,
// Sweeps unmarked objects to complete the garbage collection.
void Sweep();
// Returns true if the object has its bit set in the mark bitmap.
bool IsMarked(const Object* object) const {
return mark_bitmap_->Test(object);
static void MarkObjectVisitor(const Object* root, void* arg);
// Marks an object.
void MarkObject(const Object* obj);
// Yuck.
void MarkObject0(const Object* obj, bool check_finger);
static void ScanBitmapCallback(Object* obj, void* finger, void* arg);
static void SweepCallback(size_t num_ptrs, void** ptrs, void* arg);
// Blackens an object.
void ScanObject(const Object* obj);
// Grays references in instance fields.
void ScanInstanceFields(const Object* obj);
// Blackens a class object.
void ScanClass(const Object* obj);
// Grays references in static fields.
void ScanStaticFields(const Class* klass);
// Used by ScanInstanceFields and ScanStaticFields
void ScanFields(const Object* obj, uint32_t ref_offsets, bool is_static);
// Grays references in an array.
void ScanArray(const Object* obj);
void ScanOther(const Object* obj);
// Blackens objects grayed during a garbage collection.
void ScanDirtyObjects();
// Schedules an unmarked object for reference processing.
void DelayReferenceReferent(Object* reference);
// Recursively blackens objects on the mark stack.
void ProcessMarkStack();
// Adds a reference to the tail of a circular queue of references.
static void EnqueuePendingReference(Object* ref, Object** list);
// Removes the reference at the head of a circular queue of
// references.
static Object* DequeuePendingReference(Object** list);
// Sets the referent field of a reference object to null.
static void ClearReference(Object* reference);
// Returns true if the reference object has not yet been enqueued.
static bool IsEnqueuable(const Object* ref);
void EnqueueReference(Object* ref);
void EnqueueFinalizerReferences(Object** ref);
void PreserveSomeSoftReferences(Object** ref);
void EnqueueClearedReferences(Object** cleared_references);
void ClearWhiteReferences(Object** list);
void ProcessReferences(Object** soft_references, bool clear_soft_references,
Object** weak_references,
Object** finalizer_references,
Object** phantom_references);
void SweepSystemWeaks();
void SweepMonitorList();
void SweepJniWeakGlobals();
MarkStack* mark_stack_;
HeapBitmap* mark_bitmap_;
HeapBitmap* live_bitmap_;
Object* finger_;
Object* condemned_;
Object* soft_reference_list_;
Object* weak_reference_list_;
Object* finalizer_reference_list_;
Object* phantom_reference_list_;
Object* cleared_reference_list_;
friend class InternTableEntryIsUnmarked;
} // namespace art