Add oat file generation and tests to build

- Currently builds boot.oat for host and target
  and target oat files for art tests.
- Added cross compilation support via --strip-prefix option to dex2oat
- Reduced output to prevent build log spam (Compiler::verbose_)
- Added image roots for recovering important pointers on image load
- Redid JNI stub creation and made the stub array an image root
- Fixed JNI stub test by making JNI stub array executable
- Fixed JNI UnregisterNative to having it reinstall the JNI stub
- Fixed ARM JNI stub to generate PIC code (with irogers)
- Fixed JniCompiler to generate PIC code (with irogers)
- Fixed FindNativeMethod to handle recursive calls
- Finished checkFieldType to use Object::InstanceOf
- Fixed thread unsafe access to ClassLinker::{dex_files_,dex_caches_}
- Added ResolvedMethod variant for use with Method* for context
- Fixed ImageWriter to call FixupMethod
- Fixed ImageWriter to rewrite JNI stub references
- Improved error reporting on lack of ANDROID_DATA dir or art-cache dir
- Fixed Runtime::Start to InitLibraries before creating thread peer
- Implemented Space::IsCondemned to skip spaces loaded from images
- Implemented artFindInterfaceMethodInCache,
  allowing interface invocation from managed code

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