Tweak native allocation GC triggering thresholds

There is some evidence that collecting more frequently for small Java
heap apps sometimes causes problems. Relative to the original P state,
we should now collect less frequently, if we are either at the beginning
of a Java GC cycle, or the Java heap is large. Otherwise, we should be
similar to the original, modulo accounting changes.

Report a better cause if native allocation ends up waiting for the

Increase kNotifyNativeInterval on host, since mallinfo() cost appears to
be the cause of a Kotlin benchmark regression on host.

Increase kHugeNativeAllocs enough so that we should normally never block
for a GC we trigger. It looks like 175-alloc-big-bignums still passes on
walleye in spite of this, but we may have to disable that test on
target if it becomes flakey.

Bug: 121052300
Bug: 121039645
Bug: 122099093

Test: Treehugger, art/test/testrunner/ --host --64 -t 175-alloc-big-bignums
Change-Id: I6fbd107d4a2519225f628f2c1f96dad034849d12
2 files changed