Print more info in MarkSweep::VerifyRoot

Refactored old root callback to use a new class called RootInfo.
RootInfo contains all the relevant info related to the root
associated with the callback. The MarkSweep::VerifyRoot function
now uses this info to print the StackVisitor's described location
if the GC root is of the type kRootJavaFrame.

Some other cleanup.

Example output:
E/art     (12167): Tried to mark 0x123 not contained by any spaces
E/art     (12167): Attempting see if it's a bad root
E/art     (12167): Found invalid root: 0x123 with type RootJavaFrame
E/art     (12167): Location=Visiting method
'void java.lang.Runtime.gc()' at dex PC 0xffffffff (native PC 0x0)

Bug: 18588862
Change-Id: Ic5a2781f704e931265ffb3621c2eab4b2e25f60f
42 files changed