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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "arm_lir.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "dex/quick/mir_to_lir.h"
#include "utils/arena_containers.h"
namespace art {
struct CompilationUnit;
class ArmMir2Lir FINAL : public Mir2Lir {
// Inherited class for ARM backend.
class InToRegStorageArmMapper FINAL : public InToRegStorageMapper {
: cur_core_reg_(0), cur_fp_reg_(0), cur_fp_double_reg_(0) {
RegStorage GetNextReg(ShortyArg arg) OVERRIDE;
virtual void Reset() OVERRIDE {
cur_core_reg_ = 0;
cur_fp_reg_ = 0;
cur_fp_double_reg_ = 0;
size_t cur_core_reg_;
size_t cur_fp_reg_;
size_t cur_fp_double_reg_;
InToRegStorageArmMapper in_to_reg_storage_arm_mapper_;
InToRegStorageMapper* GetResetedInToRegStorageMapper() OVERRIDE {
return &in_to_reg_storage_arm_mapper_;
ArmMir2Lir(CompilationUnit* cu, MIRGraph* mir_graph, ArenaAllocator* arena);
// Required for target - codegen helpers.
bool SmallLiteralDivRem(Instruction::Code dalvik_opcode, bool is_div, RegLocation rl_src,
RegLocation rl_dest, int lit);
bool EasyMultiply(RegLocation rl_src, RegLocation rl_dest, int lit) OVERRIDE;
void GenMultiplyByConstantFloat(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
int32_t constant) OVERRIDE;
void GenMultiplyByConstantDouble(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
int64_t constant) OVERRIDE;
LIR* CheckSuspendUsingLoad() OVERRIDE;
RegStorage LoadHelper(QuickEntrypointEnum trampoline) OVERRIDE;
LIR* LoadBaseDisp(RegStorage r_base, int displacement, RegStorage r_dest,
OpSize size, VolatileKind is_volatile) OVERRIDE;
LIR* LoadBaseIndexed(RegStorage r_base, RegStorage r_index, RegStorage r_dest, int scale,
OpSize size) OVERRIDE;
LIR* LoadConstantNoClobber(RegStorage r_dest, int value);
LIR* LoadConstantWide(RegStorage r_dest, int64_t value);
LIR* StoreBaseDisp(RegStorage r_base, int displacement, RegStorage r_src,
OpSize size, VolatileKind is_volatile) OVERRIDE;
LIR* StoreBaseIndexed(RegStorage r_base, RegStorage r_index, RegStorage r_src, int scale,
OpSize size) OVERRIDE;
/// @copydoc Mir2Lir::UnconditionallyMarkGCCard(RegStorage)
void UnconditionallyMarkGCCard(RegStorage tgt_addr_reg) OVERRIDE;
// Required for target - register utilities.
RegStorage TargetReg(SpecialTargetRegister reg) OVERRIDE;
RegStorage TargetReg(SpecialTargetRegister reg, WideKind wide_kind) OVERRIDE {
if (wide_kind == kWide) {
DCHECK((kArg0 <= reg && reg < kArg3) || (kFArg0 <= reg && reg < kFArg15) || (kRet0 == reg));
RegStorage ret_reg = RegStorage::MakeRegPair(TargetReg(reg),
TargetReg(static_cast<SpecialTargetRegister>(reg + 1)));
if (ret_reg.IsFloat()) {
// Regard double as double, be consistent with register allocation.
ret_reg = As64BitFloatReg(ret_reg);
return ret_reg;
} else {
return TargetReg(reg);
RegLocation GetReturnAlt() OVERRIDE;
RegLocation GetReturnWideAlt() OVERRIDE;
RegLocation LocCReturn() OVERRIDE;
RegLocation LocCReturnRef() OVERRIDE;
RegLocation LocCReturnDouble() OVERRIDE;
RegLocation LocCReturnFloat() OVERRIDE;
RegLocation LocCReturnWide() OVERRIDE;
ResourceMask GetRegMaskCommon(const RegStorage& reg) const OVERRIDE;
void AdjustSpillMask();
void ClobberCallerSave();
void FreeCallTemps();
void LockCallTemps();
void MarkPreservedSingle(int v_reg, RegStorage reg);
void MarkPreservedDouble(int v_reg, RegStorage reg);
void CompilerInitializeRegAlloc();
// Required for target - miscellaneous.
void AssembleLIR();
uint32_t LinkFixupInsns(LIR* head_lir, LIR* tail_lir, CodeOffset offset);
int AssignInsnOffsets();
void AssignOffsets();
static uint8_t* EncodeLIRs(uint8_t* write_pos, LIR* lir);
void DumpResourceMask(LIR* lir, const ResourceMask& mask, const char* prefix) OVERRIDE;
void SetupTargetResourceMasks(LIR* lir, uint64_t flags,
ResourceMask* use_mask, ResourceMask* def_mask) OVERRIDE;
const char* GetTargetInstFmt(int opcode);
const char* GetTargetInstName(int opcode);
std::string BuildInsnString(const char* fmt, LIR* lir, unsigned char* base_addr);
ResourceMask GetPCUseDefEncoding() const OVERRIDE;
uint64_t GetTargetInstFlags(int opcode);
size_t GetInsnSize(LIR* lir) OVERRIDE;
bool IsUnconditionalBranch(LIR* lir);
// Get the register class for load/store of a field.
RegisterClass RegClassForFieldLoadStore(OpSize size, bool is_volatile) OVERRIDE;
// Required for target - Dalvik-level generators.
void GenArithOpLong(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
RegLocation rl_src2, int flags) OVERRIDE;
void GenArithImmOpLong(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest,
RegLocation rl_src1, RegLocation rl_src2, int flags);
void GenArrayGet(int opt_flags, OpSize size, RegLocation rl_array,
RegLocation rl_index, RegLocation rl_dest, int scale);
void GenArrayPut(int opt_flags, OpSize size, RegLocation rl_array, RegLocation rl_index,
RegLocation rl_src, int scale, bool card_mark);
void GenShiftImmOpLong(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest,
RegLocation rl_src1, RegLocation rl_shift, int flags);
void GenArithOpDouble(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
RegLocation rl_src2);
void GenArithOpFloat(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
RegLocation rl_src2);
void GenCmpFP(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
RegLocation rl_src2);
void GenConversion(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src);
bool GenInlinedAbsFloat(CallInfo* info) OVERRIDE;
bool GenInlinedAbsDouble(CallInfo* info) OVERRIDE;
bool GenInlinedCas(CallInfo* info, bool is_long, bool is_object);
bool GenInlinedMinMax(CallInfo* info, bool is_min, bool is_long);
bool GenInlinedSqrt(CallInfo* info);
bool GenInlinedPeek(CallInfo* info, OpSize size);
bool GenInlinedPoke(CallInfo* info, OpSize size);
bool GenInlinedArrayCopyCharArray(CallInfo* info) OVERRIDE;
RegLocation GenDivRem(RegLocation rl_dest, RegStorage reg_lo, RegStorage reg_hi, bool is_div);
RegLocation GenDivRemLit(RegLocation rl_dest, RegStorage reg_lo, int lit, bool is_div);
void GenCmpLong(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1, RegLocation rl_src2);
void GenDivZeroCheckWide(RegStorage reg);
void GenEntrySequence(RegLocation* ArgLocs, RegLocation rl_method);
void GenExitSequence();
void GenSpecialExitSequence();
void GenFusedFPCmpBranch(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* mir, bool gt_bias, bool is_double);
void GenFusedLongCmpBranch(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* mir);
void GenSelect(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* mir);
void GenSelectConst32(RegStorage left_op, RegStorage right_op, ConditionCode code,
int32_t true_val, int32_t false_val, RegStorage rs_dest,
RegisterClass dest_reg_class) OVERRIDE;
bool GenMemBarrier(MemBarrierKind barrier_kind);
void GenMonitorEnter(int opt_flags, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenMonitorExit(int opt_flags, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenMoveException(RegLocation rl_dest);
void GenMultiplyByTwoBitMultiplier(RegLocation rl_src, RegLocation rl_result, int lit,
int first_bit, int second_bit);
void GenNegDouble(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenNegFloat(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenLargePackedSwitch(MIR* mir, DexOffset table_offset, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenLargeSparseSwitch(MIR* mir, DexOffset table_offset, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenMaddMsubInt(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1, RegLocation rl_src2,
RegLocation rl_src3, bool is_sub);
// Required for target - single operation generators.
LIR* OpUnconditionalBranch(LIR* target);
LIR* OpCmpBranch(ConditionCode cond, RegStorage src1, RegStorage src2, LIR* target);
LIR* OpCmpImmBranch(ConditionCode cond, RegStorage reg, int check_value, LIR* target);
LIR* OpCondBranch(ConditionCode cc, LIR* target);
LIR* OpDecAndBranch(ConditionCode c_code, RegStorage reg, LIR* target);
LIR* OpFpRegCopy(RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src);
LIR* OpIT(ConditionCode cond, const char* guide);
void UpdateIT(LIR* it, const char* new_guide);
void OpEndIT(LIR* it);
LIR* OpMem(OpKind op, RegStorage r_base, int disp);
LIR* OpPcRelLoad(RegStorage reg, LIR* target);
LIR* OpReg(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest_src);
void OpRegCopy(RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src);
LIR* OpRegCopyNoInsert(RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src);
LIR* OpRegImm(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest_src1, int value);
LIR* OpRegReg(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest_src1, RegStorage r_src2);
LIR* OpMovRegMem(RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_base, int offset, MoveType move_type);
LIR* OpMovMemReg(RegStorage r_base, int offset, RegStorage r_src, MoveType move_type);
LIR* OpCondRegReg(OpKind op, ConditionCode cc, RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src);
LIR* OpRegRegImm(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src1, int value);
LIR* OpRegRegReg(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src1, RegStorage r_src2);
LIR* OpTestSuspend(LIR* target);
LIR* OpVldm(RegStorage r_base, int count);
LIR* OpVstm(RegStorage r_base, int count);
void OpRegCopyWide(RegStorage dest, RegStorage src);
LIR* LoadBaseDispBody(RegStorage r_base, int displacement, RegStorage r_dest, OpSize size);
LIR* StoreBaseDispBody(RegStorage r_base, int displacement, RegStorage r_src, OpSize size);
LIR* OpRegRegRegShift(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src1, RegStorage r_src2,
int shift);
LIR* OpRegRegShift(OpKind op, RegStorage r_dest_src1, RegStorage r_src2, int shift);
static const ArmEncodingMap EncodingMap[kArmLast];
int EncodeShift(int code, int amount);
int ModifiedImmediate(uint32_t value);
ArmConditionCode ArmConditionEncoding(ConditionCode code);
bool InexpensiveConstantInt(int32_t value) OVERRIDE;
bool InexpensiveConstantInt(int32_t value, Instruction::Code opcode) OVERRIDE;
bool InexpensiveConstantFloat(int32_t value) OVERRIDE;
bool InexpensiveConstantLong(int64_t value) OVERRIDE;
bool InexpensiveConstantDouble(int64_t value) OVERRIDE;
RegStorage AllocPreservedDouble(int s_reg);
RegStorage AllocPreservedSingle(int s_reg);
bool WideGPRsAreAliases() const OVERRIDE {
return false; // Wide GPRs are formed by pairing.
bool WideFPRsAreAliases() const OVERRIDE {
return false; // Wide FPRs are formed by pairing.
NextCallInsn GetNextSDCallInsn() OVERRIDE;
* @brief Generate a relative call to the method that will be patched at link time.
* @param target_method The MethodReference of the method to be invoked.
* @param type How the method will be invoked.
* @returns Call instruction
LIR* CallWithLinkerFixup(const MethodReference& target_method, InvokeType type);
* @brief Generate the actual call insn based on the method info.
* @param method_info the lowering info for the method call.
* @returns Call instruction
LIR* GenCallInsn(const MirMethodLoweringInfo& method_info) OVERRIDE;
* @brief Handle ARM specific literals.
void InstallLiteralPools() OVERRIDE;
LIR* InvokeTrampoline(OpKind op, RegStorage r_tgt, QuickEntrypointEnum trampoline) OVERRIDE;
size_t GetInstructionOffset(LIR* lir);
void GenMachineSpecificExtendedMethodMIR(BasicBlock* bb, MIR* mir) OVERRIDE;
bool HandleEasyDivRem(Instruction::Code dalvik_opcode, bool is_div,
RegLocation rl_src, RegLocation rl_dest, int lit) OVERRIDE;
void GenNegLong(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src);
void GenMulLong(Instruction::Code opcode, RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1,
RegLocation rl_src2);
void GenFusedLongCmpImmBranch(BasicBlock* bb, RegLocation rl_src1, int64_t val,
ConditionCode ccode);
LIR* LoadFPConstantValue(int r_dest, int value);
LIR* LoadStoreUsingInsnWithOffsetImm8Shl2(ArmOpcode opcode, RegStorage r_base,
int displacement, RegStorage r_src_dest,
RegStorage r_work = RegStorage::InvalidReg());
void ReplaceFixup(LIR* prev_lir, LIR* orig_lir, LIR* new_lir);
void InsertFixupBefore(LIR* prev_lir, LIR* orig_lir, LIR* new_lir);
void AssignDataOffsets();
RegLocation GenDivRem(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1, RegLocation rl_src2,
bool is_div, int flags) OVERRIDE;
RegLocation GenDivRemLit(RegLocation rl_dest, RegLocation rl_src1, int lit, bool is_div) OVERRIDE;
struct EasyMultiplyOp {
OpKind op;
uint32_t shift;
bool GetEasyMultiplyOp(int lit, EasyMultiplyOp* op);
bool GetEasyMultiplyTwoOps(int lit, EasyMultiplyOp* ops);
void GenEasyMultiplyTwoOps(RegStorage r_dest, RegStorage r_src, EasyMultiplyOp* ops);
static constexpr ResourceMask GetRegMaskArm(RegStorage reg);
static constexpr ResourceMask EncodeArmRegList(int reg_list);
static constexpr ResourceMask EncodeArmRegFpcsList(int reg_list);
ArenaVector<LIR*> call_method_insns_;
* @brief Given float register pair, returns Solo64 float register.
* @param reg #RegStorage containing a float register pair (e.g. @c s2 and @c s3).
* @return A Solo64 float mapping to the register pair (e.g. @c d1).
static RegStorage As64BitFloatReg(RegStorage reg) {
RegStorage low = reg.GetLow();
RegStorage high = reg.GetHigh();
DCHECK((low.GetRegNum() % 2 == 0) && (low.GetRegNum() + 1 == high.GetRegNum()));
return RegStorage::FloatSolo64(low.GetRegNum() / 2);
* @brief Given Solo64 float register, returns float register pair.
* @param reg #RegStorage containing a Solo64 float register (e.g. @c d1).
* @return A float register pair mapping to the Solo64 float pair (e.g. @c s2 and s3).
static RegStorage As64BitFloatRegPair(RegStorage reg) {
DCHECK(reg.IsDouble() && reg.Is64BitSolo());
int reg_num = reg.GetRegNum();
return RegStorage::MakeRegPair(RegStorage::FloatSolo32(reg_num * 2),
RegStorage::FloatSolo32(reg_num * 2 + 1));
int GenDalvikArgsBulkCopy(CallInfo* info, int first, int count) OVERRIDE;
} // namespace art