Fix incompatible class change error for JIT stress mode

There was a problem with miranda methods, when we would dequicken to
one of these, it wouldn't resolve as virtual during the method
lowering resolve. The solution is to try resolving as interface if we
fail to resolve as virtual.

Fixed a bug in dequickening where unreachable register lines with
quick invokes would cause CHECK failuers. In this case we punt to the
interpreter (test 435-try-*).

Added test regression test. Example failure:
java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: The method
'void Main$TheInterface.m()' was expected to be of type virtual but
instead was found to be of type interface (declaration of
'java.lang.reflect.ArtMethod' appears in
  at Main.DoStuff(
  at Main.main(

Bug: 17950037

Change-Id: I39c32cc8849bf02032a4f61a7ce57462b7fcac75
11 files changed