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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <vector>
#include "constants.h"
#include "dex_file.h"
#include "mem_map.h"
#include "oat.h"
#include "object.h"
namespace art {
class OatFile {
// Returns an OatFile name based on a DexFile location
static std::string DexFilenameToOatFilename(const std::string& location);
// Open an oat file. Returns NULL on failure. Requested base can
// optionally be used to request where the file should be loaded.
static OatFile* Open(const std::string& filename,
const std::string& location,
byte* requested_base,
bool writable = false);
// Open an oat file from an already opened File with the given location.
static OatFile* Open(File& file,
const std::string& location,
byte* requested_base,
bool writable = false);
const std::string& GetLocation() const {
return location_;
const OatHeader& GetOatHeader() const;
class OatDexFile;
class OatMethod {
// Link Method for execution using the contents of this OatMethod
void LinkMethodPointers(Method* method) const;
// Link Method for image writing using the contents of this OatMethod
void LinkMethodOffsets(Method* method) const;
uint32_t GetCodeOffset() const {
return code_offset_;
size_t GetFrameSizeInBytes() const {
return frame_size_in_bytes_;
uint32_t GetCoreSpillMask() const {
return core_spill_mask_;
uint32_t GetFpSpillMask() const {
return fp_spill_mask_;
uint32_t GetMappingTableOffset() const {
return mapping_table_offset_;
uint32_t GetVmapTableOffset() const {
return vmap_table_offset_;
uint32_t GetGcMapOffset() const {
return gc_map_offset_;
uint32_t GetInvokeStubOffset() const {
return invoke_stub_offset_;
const void* GetCode() const {
return GetOatPointer<const void*>(code_offset_);
uint32_t GetCodeSize() const {
uintptr_t code = reinterpret_cast<uint32_t>(GetCode());
if (code == 0) {
return 0;
// TODO: make this Thumb2 specific
code &= ~0x1;
return reinterpret_cast<uint32_t*>(code)[-1];
const uint32_t* GetMappingTable() const {
return GetOatPointer<const uint32_t*>(mapping_table_offset_);
const uint16_t* GetVmapTable() const {
return GetOatPointer<const uint16_t*>(vmap_table_offset_);
const uint8_t* GetGcMap() const {
return GetOatPointer<const uint8_t*>(gc_map_offset_);
const Method::InvokeStub* GetInvokeStub() const {
return GetOatPointer<const Method::InvokeStub*>(invoke_stub_offset_);
uint32_t GetInvokeStubSize() const {
uintptr_t code = reinterpret_cast<uint32_t>(GetInvokeStub());
if (code == 0) {
return 0;
return reinterpret_cast<uint32_t*>(code)[-1];
// Create an OatMethod with offsets relative to the given base address
OatMethod(const byte* base,
const uint32_t code_offset,
const size_t frame_size_in_bytes,
const uint32_t core_spill_mask,
const uint32_t fp_spill_mask,
const uint32_t mapping_table_offset,
const uint32_t vmap_table_offset,
const uint32_t gc_map_offset,
const uint32_t invoke_stub_offset);
template<class T>
T GetOatPointer(uint32_t offset) const {
if (offset == 0) {
return NULL;
return reinterpret_cast<T>(begin_ + offset);
const byte* begin_;
uint32_t code_offset_;
size_t frame_size_in_bytes_;
uint32_t core_spill_mask_;
uint32_t fp_spill_mask_;
uint32_t mapping_table_offset_;
uint32_t vmap_table_offset_;
uint32_t gc_map_offset_;
uint32_t invoke_stub_offset_;
friend class OatClass;
class OatClass {
Class::Status GetStatus() const;
// get the OatMethod entry based on its index into the class
// defintion. direct methods come first, followed by virtual
// methods. note that runtime created methods such as miranda
// methods are not included.
const OatMethod GetOatMethod(uint32_t method_index) const;
OatClass(const OatFile* oat_file,
Class::Status status,
const OatMethodOffsets* methods_pointer);
const OatFile* oat_file_;
const Class::Status status_;
const OatMethodOffsets* methods_pointer_;
friend class OatDexFile;
class OatDexFile {
const DexFile* OpenDexFile() const;
const OatClass* GetOatClass(uint32_t class_def_index) const;
const std::string& GetDexFileLocation() const {
return dex_file_location_;
uint32_t GetDexFileLocationChecksum() const {
return dex_file_location_checksum_;
OatDexFile(const OatFile* oat_file,
const std::string& dex_file_location,
uint32_t dex_file_checksum,
byte* dex_file_pointer,
const uint32_t* oat_class_offsets_pointer);
const OatFile* oat_file_;
std::string dex_file_location_;
uint32_t dex_file_location_checksum_;
const byte* dex_file_pointer_;
const uint32_t* oat_class_offsets_pointer_;
friend class OatFile;
class OatElfImage {
const byte* begin() const {
return elf_addr_;
const byte* end() const {
return (elf_addr_ + elf_size_);
size_t size() const {
return elf_size_;
OatElfImage(const OatFile* oat_file, const byte* addr, uint32_t size);
const OatFile* oat_file_;
const byte* elf_addr_;
uint32_t elf_size_;
friend class OatFile;
const OatDexFile* GetOatDexFile(const std::string& dex_file_location,
bool warn_if_not_found = true) const;
std::vector<const OatDexFile*> GetOatDexFiles() const;
const OatElfImage* GetOatElfImage(size_t i) const {
return oat_elf_images_[i];
size_t Size() const {
return End() - Begin();
explicit OatFile(const std::string& filename);
bool Map(File& file, byte* requested_base, bool writable);
const byte* Begin() const;
const byte* End() const;
// The oat file name.
// The image will embed this to link its associated oat file.
const std::string location_;
// backing memory map for oat file
UniquePtr<MemMap> mem_map_;
typedef std::map<std::string, const OatDexFile*> Table;
Table oat_dex_files_;
std::vector<OatElfImage*> oat_elf_images_;
friend class OatClass;
friend class OatDexFile;
friend class OatDumper; // For GetBase and GetLimit
} // namespace art