Supporting de-virtualization for precise types.

Sharpening invoke-virtual and invoke-interface calls to invoke-direct for cases
where the type of "this" pointer in the invoke- params is precisely known.

Instructions that have an invoke opcode are marked as interesting, for each invoke-virtual/interface
we come across with a precise type for "this" we mark the location as a candidate for sharpening,
resolve the concrete method and save its method reference <DexFile, DexMethodIndex> to be sharpened
in CompilerDriver::ComputeInvokeInfo().

Added a new entry to AOT statistics showing the percentage of sharpened calls that were based on
type analysis.

Fix a minor bug in type creation for GetSuperClass(). Previously super class of a precise reference
had precise types created which is not necessarily the case.

Fixed DCHECK in Class::FindVirtualMethodForVirtual to handle cases for Miranda methods.

Sharpening only takes place for cases where no soft failures happen at verification time.

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