Quick compiler: Single .so for all targets

With this CL, all targets can be built into a single .so (but
we're not yet doing so - the compiler driver needs to be reworked).

A new Codgen class is introduced (see compiler/codegen/codegen.h),
along with target-specific sub-classes ArmCodegen, MipsCodegens and
X86Codegen (see compiler/codegen/*/codegen_[Arm|Mips|X86].h).

Additional minor code, comment and format refactoring.  Some source
files combined, temporary header files deleted and a few file
renames to better identify their function.

Next up is combining the Quick and Portable .so files.

Note: building all targets into libdvm-compiler.so increases its
size by 140K bytes.  I'm inclined to not bother introducing conditional
compilation to limit code to the specific target - the added build and
testing complexity doesn't doesn't seem worth such a modest size savings.

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