sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.8.9

Downloaded from http://www.sqlite.org/2015/sqlite-amalgamation-3080900.zip

  $ sha256sum sqlite-amalgamation-3080900.zip
  40a9f51a250fc41f6b5053a778681c622d82dec592c85de21edd3640eeb5f093  sqlite-amalgamation-3080900.zip

dist/orig contains the stock sqlite3 code, as packaged in the ZIP file above.

dist contains a copy of dist/orig, but with the Android.patch file applied.
Please see Android.patch for a list of differences between stock and

No new patches are introduced.

Bug: 20099586
Change-Id: Ic7be6d920698984dee67458678086e88db9a06d3
10 files changed
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