Update git submodules

* Update platform/system/netd from branch 'master'
  to 0b84bde09aae4d8c378e6821a724d18839945976
  - Merge "Remove unused / reserved subpriority values from netd"
  - Merge "Remove dead code from netd"
  - Remove dead code from netd
    The implementation of TrafficController#addInterface is switched to
    BpfInterfaceMapUpdater. Remove the netd dead code because it is no
    longer be called.
    Bug: 215095957
    Test: m
    Change-Id: I15efbb9c185b8b70774fb3bd30faefa0eb46c51e
  - Remove unused / reserved subpriority values from netd
    Test: atest NetdBinderTest
    Change-Id: I3cab863c9ac9cd0a3b2a78bf50e1fa83f6f2341d
1 file changed