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* Update platform/cts from branch 'master'
  to 1edb4bedcae82889753b7f3fe77107f026855918
  - Merge "Reorganize MediaPlayerTestBase"
  - Reorganize MediaPlayerTestBase
    Lot of test classes were extending MediaPlayerTestBase even though the
    tests had nothing do with mediaplayer api. To avoid this depedency,
    MediaTestBase has been created which includes the functionality needed
    by all tests and MediaPlayerTestBase extends MediaTestBase and is used
    only where MediaPlayer api is called.
    Bug: 215914266
    Test: atest CtsMediaDecoderTestCases
    Test: atest CtsMediaEncoderTestCases
    Test: atest CtsMediaPlayerTestCases
    Test: atest CtsMediaMuxerTestCases
    Test: atest CtsMediaTestCases
    Change-Id: I03a7fe8d4e75de497c1f9a484f3bd2659418fb24
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