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  - Reset video stream during pause
    In the CTS tunnel mode flush test, we expect the first frame queued
    after flush to get rendered, but because the video gets paused at an
    arbitrary position, the first frame could not be an independent frame
    (for instance, an I frame). In particular, it could depend from frames
    that have been queued and flushed previously.
    To work around this, we seek the video to beginning (because we assume
    the first video frame is an I frame), and we account for the pts
    discontinuity by introducing an offset.
    Test: atest android.media.decoder.cts.DecoderTest
    Bug: 215914266
    Bug: 200280394
    Change-Id: If088d5958facfd15172d6093c6f3b5db9ebcfceb
    Merged-In: If088d5958facfd15172d6093c6f3b5db9ebcfceb
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