Update git submodules

* Update platform/superproject from branch 'master'
  to 416a258a3929dd5191533b19f010ff89ca6d8639
  - Update git submodules
    * Update packages/modules/Virtualization from branch 'master'
      to e51a1e8d2fb94dea65bb68c01c20228dd6f55d09
      - Merge "Removes min_sdk_version from the apex blueprint"
      - Removes min_sdk_version from the apex blueprint
        When com.android.virt sets min_sdk_version, all deps should set
        min_sdk_version as well. However, it doesn't require min_sdk_version to
        be set until it is supposed to be updatable. So rather than setting all
        deps min_sdk_version to possibly wrong number, this change removes
        min_sdk_version from the apex definition.
        Bug: 177833148
        Test: m com.android.virt
        Change-Id: Idb1d492db995fe28bcf5ff1d60f2355e0bab01f1
1 file changed