Update git submodules

* Update platform/superproject from branch 'master'
  to e3049f0a5d4fd90a64d0a491430a2696a51d9dce
  - Update git submodules
    * Update packages/modules/Connectivity from branch 'master'
      to 0913a7a4157e29f57359576954aac4e421406a66
      - Merge changes Iaac422d7,Ia7638b31
        * changes:
          Remove IpServer.Dependencies#getIfIndex.
          Address comments on aosp/1559686.
      - Remove IpServer.Dependencies#getIfIndex.
        This code is unused.
        Test: atest TetheringTests
        Change-Id: Iaac422d72e8538b67798cb3ae3737deb7b426401
      - Address comments on aosp/1559686.
        Also remove some unnecessary line wrapping.
        Test: atest TetheringTests
        Change-Id: Ia7638b3198d7811cdbb34e959c50608cf1a656bf
1 file changed