Revert "Implement a workaround for clang + PARAVIRT failure."

This reverts commit 805d82cce067183af3dec98b4b04f0824cd1562f.

Problem has been fixed in upstream Linux kernels, 4.4/4.9/4.14 and the
code has been merged via LTS into kernel/common.

Bug: 111396209
Change-Id: I397a3ca34ced1b8528fab6f795144f6d94fb8d7f
Signed-off-by: Alistair Strachan <>
diff --git a/net/test/ b/net/test/
index 028ed85..7cb755e 100755
--- a/net/test/
+++ b/net/test/
@@ -228,14 +228,6 @@
     # The CC flag is *not* inherited from the environment, so it must be
     # passed in on the command line.
     make_flags="$make_flags CC=$CC"
-    # TODO: Remove this workaround for
-    # Needs a change to clang to be merged, an updated toolchain, and
-    # a new __nostackprotector annotation of the affected PARAVIRT
-    # code in the affected kernel branches (android-4.4, android-4.9,
-    # android-4.14). This sidesteps the issue by disabling PARAVIRT.
-    if [ "$CC" == "clang" ]; then
-    fi
   # If there's no kernel config at all, create one or UML won't work.