Updates to mark_test.

1. UID routing.
 - Also test per-UID routing, if supported by the kernel.

2. Sysctl changes.
 - Refactor code that sets sysctls, and robustly restore them in
 - Check for the TCP FWMARK reflect sysctl.
 - Support separate sysctls for IPv4 and IPv6 mark reflection.
 - Switch to using the per-interface RA sysctl, and configure
   routing manually if it's not there.

3. Test coverage.
 - Test TCP FIN and FIN+ACK. This not only increases coverage
   but also makes the test more robust, since retransmitted FINs
   won't confuse other reflection tests.
 - Test behaviour with the mark sysctls off.

4. Robustness changes.
 - Run the reflect and accept tests multiple times to help
   expose any flaky behaviour.
 - Skip multicast packets. This makes things more robust, as
   previously, code that was expecting no packets would fail
   because it would receive an RS instead.

5. Readability improvements.
 - Move code around to make it a bit more readable.

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