increase waiting time to 3 sec to wait CloseFileDescriptorThread finished

Because there are some platforms that take more time than 0.5 seconds,
such as platforms that uses MPTCP implementation from,
we change the waiting time to 3 seconds.

For kernels that MPTCP is ported, it take more than 0.5 sec to close tun interface,
because of DAD procedure within MPTCP fullmesh module.
It seems to be the duplicate address-timer takes a refcount on the IPv6-address,
preventing it from getting closed.

Test: run vts-kernel -m VtsKernelNetTest with 4.9 and 4.14 kernel using MPTCP implementation

Without this change, VtsKernelNetTest was failed with MPTCP enabled kernel every time.
After this change all will pass in 5 iterations.

Bug: 120248546
Change-Id: I69093d5aa55d2796eac1f6db10d8ba649b63ae9a
Signed-off-by: Yunsik Lee <>
(cherry picked from commit 3172befe25a9628ad9a7dd94564683fc86bb533b)
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