Merge branch android-3.10 into android-tegra-3.10

63fa42c sdcardfs: Change magic value
0273f37 sdcardfs: Use per mount permissions
a1cbcec sdcardfs: Add gid and mask to private mount data
7ff89f2 sdcardfs: User new permission2 functions
2474939 vfs: Add setattr2 for filesystems with per mount permissions
58ac424 vfs: Add permission2 for filesystems with per mount permissions
95829e2 vfs: Allow filesystems to access their private mount data
aa6d3ac mnt: Add filesystem private data to mount points
ada9745 sdcardfs: Move directory unlock before touch
07914b8 sdcardfs: fix external storage exporting incorrect uid
e9958db sdcardfs: Added top to sdcardfs_inode_info
5a0f5af sdcardfs: Switch package list to RCU
92b07d2 sdcardfs: Fix locking for permission fix up
2fc3952 sdcardfs: Check for other cases on path lookup
608f188 sdcardfs: override umask on mkdir and create

Signed-off-by: Mark Salyzyn <>
Bug: 28024488
Bug: 27992761
Change-Id: I3a9f73edb42adae98adb291f51f266a3eab235ab