Update kernel to builds 6836884

git log --first-parent -100 --oneline --no-decorate cbf07d5fcc12..9c16520a3386:
9c16520a3386 Merge 5.9-rc5 into android-mainline
5eea06c8df03 ANDROID: pinctrl: qcom: Kconfig: Make new PINCTRL_SM8250 depend on QCOM_SCM || !QCOM_SCM
fd5e6828d32f ANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable f2fs compression by GKI
d3f878bd9c76 ANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable f2fs compression by GKI
4ad2fd53297f ANDROID: scsi: ufs: add UFSHCD_QUIRK_KEYS_IN_PRDT
73372c9835b2 ANDROID: scsi: ufs: add UFSHCD_QUIRK_NO_KEYSLOTS
617dda88380d ANDROID: scsi: ufs: add ->fill_prdt() variant op
a2ca8408de61 ANDROID: sched: add restrict vendor hook to modify load balance behavior
0ec8b4c6469e ANDROID: Revert "ANDROID: irqchip: Kconfig: Make QCOM_PDC depend on QCOM_SCM"
b26213f8bd50 FROMLIST: irqchip/qcom-pdc: Allow QCOM_PDC to be loadable as a permanent module
6249944245b8 ANDROID: gki_defconfig: enable IOMMU_LIMIT_IOVA_ALIGNMENT
6767ebd98b50 ANDROID: Setting up GS before calling __restore_processor_state.
ae73f6551a26 ANDROID: Incremental fs: Remove block HASH flag
4da1cc282240 ANDROID: Incremental fs: Remove back links and crcs
900900ef8988 ANDROID: Incremental fs: Remove attributes from file
cb776f45766a ANDROID: Incremental fs: Add .blocks_written file
14bb6f87db41 FROMLIST: iommu/iova: Free global iova rcache on iova alloc failure
da3e085cec05 FROMLIST: iommu/iova: Retry from last rb tree node if iova search fails
ee98c0848c62 FROMLIST: iommu/iova: Support limiting IOVA alignment
c640e76a4e2d FROMLIST: iommu/iova: Add a best-fit algorithm
0d5de782bbcb FROMLIST: iommu/dma: Allow drivers to reserve an iova range

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Bug: 168640569
Change-Id: I2dd2862ca30fe54bf7bf09e002124f8de1e5ccb8
7 files changed